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Rules to Live By

December 13, 2008

I just want to know what the rules are!

That was what I mentally moaned during a meditation some years ago. I am used to getting guidance during meditation and I expected that my Guidance (or, in fact, the entire Council in front of which I often find myself) would respond in some way.

Of course, I do not always get what I ask for. Sometimes I am told, It’s none of your business, and have come to understand that this means, (1) I need to figure it out for myself, over time; (2) Diving Timing is at play and it is just not time for me to understand the situation; or (3) This is something related to the agreements and plans I made before stepping into this form and it will all play out as it is meant to.

We thought you’d never ask! That was the initial response I received, or words to that effect. Then I was taken to a temple, shown a book, and saw in that book a dozen rules by which to live.

Let me be clear: These were given as rules for me to live by, not anyone else. Still, there might be a useful nugget here for my readers. At least, that is what came to mind when I found the list in my leather folder a few days ago, as I waited for a client to arrive at Common Grounds. (Common Grounds is a coffee shop in the Highlands area of Denver at 32nd and Lowell. It is one of my favorite places to meet with clients who live at the opposite end of the Denver metro area from me.)

So here are the “Rules for Melanie to Live By,” as given me during that meditation. I wrote them down when I came out of meditation. They made me smile. They still do.

Melanie’s Rules to Live By

  1. Be guided by your heart.
  2. Learn to discern the voice of your heart.
  3. Develop and maintain a strong connection with the Divine.
  4. Be of service to others.
  5. Know that to be of service to others, you must also serve yourself.
  6. Release what is not working.
  7. Let ease and fun tell you what is working.
  8. Know that you do not always have all the answers.
  9. Know that you always have all the answers deep within you.
  10. Be grounded on Earth and in the Divine; know that you are fully human and fully Divine.
  11. Be willing to ask for help.
  12. Be willing to accept . . . help, gifts of the Spirit, and abundance in its many forms.

I would love to hear what rules to live by you have discovered, been given, or otherwise come to find useful in your life.

copyright 2008 by Melanie Mulhall