Hi! Welcome to my blog.

Living the Dream is about nudging dreams forward, yours and mine.

As a freelance writer/editor, I help people live their dreams by expressing themselves in words. I help their words sing, dance, and get attention.

As an author, I write about what inspires me. My first book, Living The Dream–A Guidebook For Job Seekers And Career Explorers, was the book I needed . . . but didn’t exist . . . at more than one point in my career. Later, as I helped nudge, midwife, and coach the dreams of others into reality, it was the book my clients needed . . . but didn’t exist. I was inspired to write it and I wrote it to inspire others to live their dreams. I dared them to dream and then dream the dare into life. I am happy to say that many have.

I know something about dreaming one’s life into being thanks to my work as a shaman. Many years ago, I dropped out of corporate America, became apprenticed to a shaman, and changed my life. I completed that apprenticeship and now am a practicing shaman, myself. My life and work as a shaman has everything to do with stepping into the highest, most beautiful dream I can–on an ongoing basis–and helping others do it, too.

I’m working on other books right now, but I admit that the time spent editing the books of others puts a pretty big dent in my time to work on my own projects.

Living the dream is organic and ongoing. And that’s what this blog is. Over the years I’ve been writing it, I have taken sharp turns from one topic to another, have stuck with the same topic for long periods of time, and have even abandoned the blog for periods of time (most notably after my last 2014 post when I just felt the blog was becoming too didactic). What inspires me at the moment gets written about. Sometimes a friend or colleague triggers that inspiration by suggesting topics, which is how the posts under the heading of “Travels with an Open Heart” came about. And always, always, your comments and questions inspire me.

If everything in the universe is connected at a deep level and if we are, in essence, all one (as I have come to understand it in mystical experience and, interestingly, as science seems to be supporting these days), then this is a shared dream we are living and I would like to pursue it with you.

Walk in Beauty

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Beth Hayden Says:

    Melanie –

    OUTSTANDING! I am so impressed! I love the banner you’ve added and I think you’ve got an excellent start here. Congratulations for jumping in with both feet and setting up your blog on your own!!



  2. Antonio arguello Says:

    Well done, my friend! Im sure this is like a birthing process or more of a birth at this point. Hopefully the child will be all that you desire and expect it to be. And it does fit well with your theme of living the dream because as it grows and moves into the world it will seek to express itself and offer some guidance as to what it means to live the dream and share the experience of that journey.


  3. Ronnie Moore Says:

    Good for you. Let the travel continue. Looking forward to being a part of it.


  4. Penney Peirce Says:


    Thanks for the post on my blog! I’ve just looked through your blog and it’s really great. And, you are looking very tip-top! This is a great format for you, and your blog seems quite active. I am wondering if I have your latest email address, and if you’re getting my newsletter, which I’ve just redesigned. Drop me a note and let me know!



  5. Melanie Mulhall Says:


    You’re a peach to come take a look at my site!

    For those of you who are not aware of who Penney Peirce is, let me give a very brief overview. Penney is a gifted, world-class intuitive and the author of a number of books. Her book, The Intuitive Way, is a book I have given to and recommended to countless people. If you want to understand and develop your own intuitive abilities, this book is a classic resource.

    When Penney was working on her book, The Present Moment (now there’s a title to bring us back to the important), I had the pleasure of sending her a few stories about my own experience. Look on pages 305 (October 7), 313 (October 15), and 320 (Ocyober 22). That’s all I’m going to say about that. The book is a daybook worthy of returning to year after year.

    I have personally sought Penney’s guidance and have found it illuminating. I recommend her heartily.

    You can find out more about Penney and her work at http://www.intuitnow.com. There you can sign up for her newsletter, learn more about her books, find out when she will be in your area, and schedule some valuable time with her.



  6. Janet Says:

    Thanks for saying hi – OK I posted a picture…on facebook. Now I am in this decade right? All is well at PNR. Just looking for some good articles on how to super charge our corporate culture with more excitement and fun. Take care and please stay in touch. Janet Meis


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog. The issue of managing the corporate culture is not a trivial issue, nor is it something that can typically be addressed through the wisdom of the typcial online article (750 words or less). Good luck. If I can help, I’m here.


  7. Connect2Self | Mice, a Cold, and a Job Says:

    […] a few days, Second Mouse eats Skippy peanut butter off the traps and lives. My friend Melanie, a shaman, suggests I meditate on the mouse. Maybe it’s about focusing too much on details, […]


  8. Not From Your Average Joe Says:

    I am impressed, Melanie. You have a way with words! 🙂

    I’m rooting for you!



    • Melanie Mulhall Says:

      Thanks, not your average Joe. I’m a professional writer and editor. That probably helps. But your writing is pretty darned good on your blog too. For those who want to check it out, it is notfromyouraveragejoe.wordpress.com.


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