Solar Disc Activation, Part II

I had never seen anything like it before: a rainbow completely circled the sun. The rain had stopped and the sun was out. Pilgrims were gathering at the Pachamama temple site for the Solar Disc activation ceremony and the very air was charged with love. And now a rainbow circled the sun. Many of us risked cornea damage by staring at it with mouths gaped open.


The Rainbow Around the Sun

Scientists can provide a logical, practical explanation for what we were witnessing, but we knew what it meant: Pachamama and Pachatata were sanctioning our activities, showing their approval, and joining us for the ceremony. Jorge Luis Delgado told us that the Father wanted to be present and had sent us a rainbow. He added that like all rainbows, it meant that something very special was happening, or would happen, at the cosmic level. 

But words could not really capture the meaning for most of us. The meaning resided in our hearts, with the Inner Sun. It was a cosmic sign to validate our activities. What we were doing was meaningful and real. What we were doing would have positive impact on planet Earth and her people. And I realized, as I took a deep breath and looked around me, that I was not just at the top of a hill on an island in Lake Titicaca, I was in a church—a grand church made of earth and stones and sweet air. I was in the presence of something numinous. I surrendered to the altered state of consciousness that was sweeping over me. 

We gathered together in a rough circle and Jorge Luis spoke to us about the significance of what we were doing. According to legend, the Solar Disc had been brought from Lemuria to the Incas by Aramu Muru (Lord Muru) and Amara Mara (the feminine aspect of Lord Muru). To protect it from the invading Spaniards, it was brought to Lake Titicaca, where it had resided ever since. Jorge Luis reminded us that when the new pachacuti starts, the Solar Disc begins to be reactivated. How? By activating the Inner Sun. We begin to expand love consciousness and by doing so, we begin to reactivate the Solar Disc. The Solar Disc helps us release resistance to this expansion. 

As Children of the Sun—the cosmic kiss between the Divine Mother and Divine Father—we are, actually, already there. But in this life, we are almost there. Jorge Luis joked that this is why we are always asking if we are almost there when we travel and pointed out that even when we arrive at our destinations, we are still . . . almost there. 

He went on to say that 2012 would be the time when we begin to awaken, to remember who we are. The Sun will rise and everyone will begin to awaken. Some will awaken early, some late, and . . . some will need a cup of coffee to awaken, he joked. But we will all awaken. 

We understood that what we were doing would help to activate that process. And we would continue to help activate it through munay, llankay, and yachtay.

Jorge Luis led us in a chant, the men in the group chanting Pachamama (the feminine aspect) and the women chanting Wiracocha (the masculine aspect). Then he opened up the ceremony to other speakers. Among them, a woman spoke in tongues with power and grace. Then she went around the circle, offering healing to every single person in it.

And throughout all of this, the rainbow held around the sun. 

In Inca time, the local shaman who was keeper of the temple arrived. He was a wizened elder who brought a younger man with him. The younger man—so stunningly beautiful that virtually every woman in the group was taken aback—seemed to be the elder’s apprentice. The elder opened the temple and we filed in, creating a spiral of pilgrims around the center of the temple, where the elder set up an altar with a despacho and led the ceremony. As with the other ceremonies in which we had participated, we were each given a k’intu of coca leaves. At the end of the ceremony, we each added our coca leaves—and, with them, everything we wished to release—to a bonfire that the elder and his helpers started.

 And the rainbow continued to hold around the sun. 

Once the ceremony was over, we filed out of the temple. There was beauty in every face I saw—a softness that echoed the Inner Sun we had just activated,  along with activating the Solar Disc that was somewhere in the lake. This was, indeed, the new pachacuti, the time for returning to the essence, to the Inner Sun. The time for remembering that we are all Children of the Sun. 

We took our time leaving the site, but the ceremonies were not yet over. Where the paths leading to the Pachamama and Pachatata temples meet, we would gather for the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine. 

And the rainbow continued to hold around the sun.



Copyright 2011 by Melanie Mulhall

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5 Responses to “Solar Disc Activation, Part II”

  1. Gail Storey Says:

    Melanie, I’m sitting here in a trance, feeling the fullness of the solar disc ceremony you’ve brought back to us with your descriptive powers and sincerity. Thank you. The video is stunning, and conveys the power of the rainbow around the sun, for all Children of the Sun.


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      It could be argued that you are almost always in a trance of one kind or another. Okay, I’m joking. Seriously, I’m pleased you could feel it. I feared my writing on this one was flat and failed to convey anything of the feel to it. Perhaps it just oozed through. Whatever it was, I’m glad you caught it! Yes, the video is great. The group who made it are putting together a documentary.

      Thanks for your comment, my friend.



  2. Gayl Says:

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face after watching the video of the activation of the solar disk. Something in the sights and sounds of that day have touched me deeply. I’ve read Delgado’s book, Andean Awakening, and found it both inspiring and comforting. I also found him to be deeply credible. Now, I’ve stumbled across your blog post and from this frozen wasteland north of the border, I know I need to reach out to you to ask your help to find allyu. I hardly know what I’m saying. My own transformative experience last summer has led me to write and perform a short play (I’ll be performing it again at two separate Fringe Festivals this summer), which I am also journalling about at this point to create the full length version that will, I hope, celebrate the hidden. I am on a spiritual journey that came to me unbidden and need connection at this point. Can you help?


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      If the video touched you that deeply, then my guess is that you are among those who agreed (before this life) to help at the sunrise of the New Pachacuti. Welcome. There are legions of us.

      I’m not sure how I might help, but I will email you off blog.

      Walk in Beauty


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