Sami and the Expansion of Consciousness

“If we do not awaken love, we are losing time.” 

That simple but powerful statement from Peruvian chacaruna Jorge Luis Delgado says everything that needs to be said. During this powerful period of time during which we are at the cusp of transition from the dark cycle to the light cycle, nothing is more practical or useful than awakening and expanding love. 

Of course, for us ordinary mortals who have forgotten our ultimate immortality, that may be easier said than done in any way that is more than superficial or simply sentimental. So how do we lighten our energy bodies? How do we invite in more love and expand consciousness? How do we ordinary mortals become extraordinary? 

“We become extraordinary through practicing love (munay), service (llancay) and wisdom (yachay),” says Jorge Luis. “We expand in this way and the expansion is limitless.” Lest we think this is difficult to do, don Jorge also points out that, “It is easier to love and expand than to resist it and suffer.” 

But most of us have a great deal to forgive and heal within ourselves and no small part of that healing needs to be the healing of the internal masculine and feminine. As expressions of the love between father (literal, as well as Father Sun) and mother (again, literal, as well as Mother Earth), Jorge suggests that we are here to expand that expression of love. 

In the Jungian language of alchemy, the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine within is referred to as coniunctio. It represents the reconciliation and unification of opposites. It is the joining of heaven and earth, the connection between yin and yang, the transmutation of base metal (which might be thought of as human with hucha) to gold (human as pure Inner Sun) into the Philosopher’s Stone. Most of us will admit that we have a great way to go before we are there. 

Jorge suggests that one place to begin is to look at how we talk to ourselves. Most of us have created stories to punish ourselves and cause ourselves suffering. We do not simply choose to punish ourselves, but life in human form can be difficult and no one I know could be said to have had an easy childhood. We all have internal debris. This is the stuff of the ego that we push down into our shadow selves, the base metal created from childhood on that is eating our energy for lunch. 

As I spoke of in my book, Living the Dream—A Guidebook for Job Seekers and Career Explorers, it serves us well to catch ourselves in the act of talking trash to ourselves internally. “I’m fat.” “I’ll never get anywhere in life.” “I’m really not as smart as those people.” Much of this internal self-abuse goes unnoticed because it is like background noise. But you are talking trash to yourself whenever you criticize yourself for mistakes you made long ago but that are still haunting you, every time you harangue yourself for not being perfect, ever time you question your essential worthiness; and every time you even hint to yourself that your essential nature is not one of pure love. 

I suggest catching yourself in the act of talking trash to yourself and make a new choice about what you are going to say. Keep making that new choice every time you catch yourself in the act. 

As a part of this process of healing ourselves, Jorge recommends changing our attitude about life by connecting with our Inner Sun, the sacred place within. Most of us spend a lot of time in our heads and Jorge suggests going to the solar plexus for answers. (Here I believe he is referring to the puka chunpi, one of the four belts of energy that wrap around our body. This belt of energy is said to be around the area of the sacrum and solar plexus. Its “eye” is the qosqo, located just below the navel, which is considered to be the primary energy center. It seems to be roughly equivalent to what others refer to as the dan tien or chi.) He also suggests that we use our bodies to sense the energy of places, including portals, vortices, and ley lines.

As a shaman, I see this as very sound advice. Expanding consciousness has to do with being in touch with the interconnectedness of everything around us, which, when experienced, brings us to a profound sense of gratitude and love. And being in touch with the interconnectedness of everything around us does not happen by being stuck in our heads. Connecting with your body and your own field of energy, then reaching out to sense the energy of the world around you, is a good place to start.

Copyright 2010 by Melanie Mulhall

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6 Responses to “Sami and the Expansion of Consciousness”

  1. Cindy Morris Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Melanie, about the debilitating effect that trash talking to oneself has on our beautiful spirits. Every time I hear someone saying something hurtful to themselves I cringe. Are we not miracles in action and love in our essence?
    Last week a dear friend was operated on for a brain tumor. When our vulnerability hits so close to home we are invited to witness the magic and miracle of being alive. Everything that denies that is just crap and should be flushed.
    Cindy Morris
    Priestess Entrepreneur


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      There is magic and miracle to being alive! And it is good to remind ourselves of that on a regular basis. One practice I have for that–given to me by guidance during meditation some years ago–is what I call The Joyful Practice. It simply involves getting into a meditative mindset and then calling up a moment–an instant, even–of joy from your life. Just one moment. It doesn’t matter what happened before that moment or what happened after. Just one moment during which the heart was lifted by joy. Then, after holding that memory for a few moments, letting it go and calling up another. And another. And another. For ten minutes or so.

      For me, there was the moment I saw a flock of yellow birds (that looked for all the world like canaries) at puddles outside my duplex when I was in college. And coming out to the Christmas tree early on Christmas morning. And watching a man I came to love deeply as he approached my apartment for our first date. And hiking the Mesa Trail.

      The content is only important insofar as it represents a moment of joy for you.

      I have shared that practice with many friends and clients. I offer it up to you to share with those you feel need a dose of reminder that life is miracle and magic.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. alunatunes Says:

    Melanie I so loved this. And I so needed your wisdom and encouragement today. Thank you for being kind.


  3. Gail Storey Says:

    Melanie, this is a fascinating synthesis of insights, one leading seamlessly into the other in a flow the heart can understand! I especially like your encouragement not to talk trash to ourselves (what a great way to put that!). Jorge’s encouragement about using our bodies to sense the energy of portals and vortices is wise indeed. Could you explain more about ley lines?


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      Ley lines are thought to be energy lines on Earth that might be compared to meridians in the body. They seem to energetically connect power places like Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, Tibet, etc.
      My own experience is that when I am at a powerful place (lake the Aramu Muru doorway in Peru), I can feel its power, tap into visions, and sometimes sense the connection to other places.

      Try it sometime. Allow your body to guide you.

      Thanks for your comment!



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