Hucha Clearing

The response (both on and off this site) to the simple clearing technique provided in my last post has prompted me to offer a couple of other hucha clearing techniques for those who would like them. 

Regular readers of this blog might recall that I offered a centering and grounding technique in a January, 2009 post. I suggest that you revisit that post and follow the centering/grounding steps before you try these techniques. You really need to be centered and grounded to do them. 

Both of the techniques I’m presenting are adapted from (not precisely the same as) those discussed by Joan Parisi Wilcox in her magnificent book, Masters of the Living Energy

Releasing Hucha, Practice 1 

  • Get centered and grounded.
  • Turn your attention to your energy body, the bubble of energy that both surrounds and is a part of your physical body, called the poq’po (POKE-po) in Quechua.
  • Notice any areas of heavy energy. These may seem dark, heavy, muddy, or otherwise less than light and clear.
  • Imagine your accumulated hucha traveling downward through your energy body and out, through either your feet or your root chakra, and into Mother Earth (Pachamama), knowing that she can use this heavy energy as “food” and will transmute it into light energy (sami).
  • As you release hucha to Pachamama, open your crown chakra and allow a beautiful flow of sami to flow into you from Source.
  • Thank Mother Earth and Source for their assistance and return to your centering/grounding awareness when you are ready to end the session. Then gently return your awareness to your everyday life. 

Releasing Hucha, Practice 2 

Note: You may find this second practice to be noticeably more profound than the first one.

  • Get centered and grounded.
  • Turn your attention to your energy body, the bubble of energy that both surrounds and is a part of your physical body, called the poq’po (POKE-po) in Quechua. As before, notice any areas of heavy energy.
  • This time, send the heavy energy to the area of your energy body that is roughly two inches below your navel, sometimes referred to as the dan tien or chi in Eastern practices and referred to as the qosqo (KOS-ko) in Quechua. The qosqo is considered the primary energy center of the body by many energy workers.
  • Ask your qosqo to “digest” the heavy energy (hucha), extracting sami from it as it does so, sending the hucha down to Mother Earth and sending the sami up through your energy body to your crown chakra.
  • Notice the double flow of energy—hucha traveling down and out; sami traveling up through the body—both flows happening simultaneously.
  • Thank Mother Earth and Source for their assistance and return to your centering/grounding awareness when you are ready to end the session. Then gently return your awareness to your everyday life. 

These are powerful clearing techniques that will help you clear hucha and enhance the flow of sami on an ongoing basis. I have been practicing and teaching techniques very similar to these for many years, but without the framework of Incan cosmology. It is always fascinating to me to note just how similar practices around the world are. Shamans (and others) throughout the world seem to tap into the same stream of higher understanding.

 As promised, I will talk more about sami in my next post.

 I would love to hear your experiences as you practices these techniques.

©2010 by Melanie Mulhall

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6 Responses to “Hucha Clearing”

  1. Cindy Morris Says:

    Beautiful practices, Melanie.
    Can I teach my computer to do this clearing on itself so it stays working
    just fine?
    You know me, always trying to spread he information where it’s most needed!
    Priestess Entrepreneur


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:

      Dear Priestess Entrepreneur,

      What a fabulous question! You might have been tongue in cheek, but I am going to answer seriously (allowing for the possibility that you or another reader is serious about how to expand on the clearing). You have hit upon something that is rarely talked about and you probably will not find anything on this in a book or blog on Inca cosmology. However . . . here is a practice you can use:

      (1) Get centered and grounded;
      (2) Turn your attention to your own poq’po;
      (3) Connect with the energy of your computer and its poq’po;
      (4) With your energies joined, clear the heavy energy from your computer and, simultaneously, send the transformed heavy energy that is now sami up through it. Send its hucha down to Mother Earth.
      (5) Notice the double flow of energy;
      (6) When you feel complete, give thanks to Source and Mother Earth, give thanks to your computer for all the work it does on your behalf, disconnect from it, return to the centered and grounded state, and then, when you are ready, return your awareness to everyday life.

      I think you will find this useful.

      Walk in Beauty


  2. Gail Storey Says:

    These are profound exercises, Melanie, thank you for making them accessible through your own understanding and practice. I have sometimes felt that the clearing of heavy energy was stalled on its way to grounding, but the first exercise allowed for a release of that. The second exercise is also powerful. I experienced the light energy in waves, coming from above into the crown chakra in the first exercise, and coming from within and upwards in the second, with a spaciousness in the heart chakra. I’ve also experienced tingling in the crown chakra–do you have a sense of what that pertains to?


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      I’m happy to hear that these practices are working for you!

      Your experience of the light energy with the first, coming from above the crown chakra, and with the second, coming from within and moving upwards suggests to me that you are doing the practices as intended because what you are experiencing sounds right. In terms of feeling you have released some heavy energy, wonderful! The releasing of hucha can literally make you feel lighter. Every time I do these practices, I feel more spacious internally.

      As for the tingling in the crown chakra, that is a beautiful thing. Think of it as the crown chakra opening like a lotus. Also think of it in terms of kundalini rising, leading to that crown chakra opening. Tingling can happen. Alternatively–or additionally–some people have the experience of feeling as if some warm liquid is running down the top of the head, starting at the crown chakra, fanning out in several directions.

      Good job, my friend!



  3. Tommy Says:

    Hello Melanie,

    Thanks for the article.

    I have these very stubborn string like huchas around my neck, upper chest. They feel like rubber/tar texture. They are probably accumulated during my childhood because I was afraid to speak up or express myself.

    I’ve used many many techniques (including the ones you introduced) to clear these without much success, because they are just sooo stubborn.

    Do you have any advice for me? Should like just keep on clearing them anyway because of their stubborn nature? Will they eventually dissolve?




    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      There are many ways to effect clearing. I’ve used many, myself. I don’t know what you’ve used or whether you are correct about the nature of the problem (though I tend to trust the intuitive information a person picks up on himself.) I’m going to do a bit of intuitive exploration, myself, on this. Actually, as soon as I read your comment, I began to have some intuitive hits. But I’ll pursue it a bit further and contact you by e-mail.

      Walk in Beauty


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