Sami, Hucha, and Clearing

Jorge Luis Delgado is a practical man. He is a chacaruna, a bridge builder, in many senses of the word. Does he bridge the worlds of ordinary and nonordinary reality? Yes, of course. Is he a bridge between Father Sun and Mother Earth? Again, yes. But he is also a bridge to healing for those experiencing disharmony and a bridge to understanding for those who sense that something is afoot on planet Earth, but cannot quite put their finger on it.

As a shaman, I sense and explain the world around me as energy. In the Incan tradition of Jorge Luis Delgado, the life force energy that animates everything is called kawsay (COW-sigh) and it has two forms: sami (SAHM-ee) and hucha (WHO-cha). Sami is considered “light” energy, while hucha is considered “heavy” energy. It would be a mistake to translate that as “good” energy and “bad” energy and Jorge is very clear about this. Hucha is simply heavy, dense energy. Humans (but not plants or other animals) create and accumulate hucha in our energy bodies, called poq’po (POKE-po) in Quechua and hucha is problematic because it is incompatible with the optimal functioning of the energy body. 

A part of Jorge’s work, and that of other chacarunas, is to move hucha so that it can be cleared from the energy body. But his work also consists of educating people on the nature of both sami and hucha and how to foster the former, avoid the latter, and clear hucha when it accumulates. 

From my own perspective as a shaman and energy “reader,” I can say that as long as we are in human form (at least in the present version of human form we are experiencing at the moment), we will accumulate hucha. We are humans—not Ascended Masters—and while we are both thoroughly human and completely divine, enfleshment in human form carries with it some obstacles and those obstacles impact our vulnerability to hucha

Jorge would say that while we are children of the sun, we don’t shine like Father Sun because we are carrying hucha, accumulated during this age of darkness and more specifically, accumulated from early childhood on. This heavy energy affects the ego but it is not who we are. Within Incan cosmology, it can be said that we each have an “inner sun” that is, in essence, our inner integrity, our love—or what I would consider (with apologies to don Jorge if my assessment is off) our enduring spirit, that which connects us with and is a part of the divine Oneness. The inner sun endures. It is who we are. It is Truth and, as Jorge says, “Truth is forever, while the lies disappear after a time.” 

Our movement into the cycle of light will help with that. But we needn’t wait. We can clear hucha now, on an ongoing basis as we accumulate it. One can, of course, go to a chacaruna (like Jorge) who will help you clear your hucha. I have observed don Jorge performing a healing and if you have the opportunity to receive one, you will likely find it extremely helpful. But not everyone in the U.S. has the opportunity to work with a Peruvian chacaruna. Heck, few do!

Some of the shamanic work I do with people clears hucha, as can Reiki and other forms of energy healing. Jorge teaches a simple way of clearing hucha, one he developed. Stand with your arms outstretched to your sides (facing East if you wish). Then place your right hand over your heart (heart chakra) and your left hand over your solar plexus (solar plexus chakra). As you do this, know that your right hand is taking in love and sending it down to the solar plexus, helping to clear the heavy energy there. Now sweep your left hand down and away from your body, releasing the the hucha down to Mother Earth, who will transform it into sami and make good use of it. 

That’s it. It is a simple but powerful method of self care. Can you remove hucha in another? Jorge counsels against this. Instead, if you wish to help another, plant a seed of light within them. That will help get things moving so that they can release their own dark energy. Good advice for all of us, but particularly for those who are tempted to try to “save” others from themselves. In fact, Jorge does not talk about “removing” hucha in others during his healing sessions. Rather, he speaks of “moving” energy. 

But what of sami and of facilitating the movement into the light cycle? That will be the topic of the next post.

Copyright 2010 by Melanie Mulhall


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18 Responses to “Sami, Hucha, and Clearing”

  1. alunatunes Says:

    Love the hucha clearing exercise. WOW. I totally dig things that are simple and easy to do and do not require a change of clothing to implement.
    THANK YOU for another inspiring, enlightening post Melanie!

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      Your comment made me smile! Yes, things one can do that do not require a change of clothing (or a secret handshake, or magic words) are wonderful. Jorge is a very practical man. He’s here to help each of us recognize our own internal Sun. There are some other clearing exercises I could share . . . and maybe I’ll do that in a post down the road.

      In the meantime, I’m getting stoked for my service trip to Peru to lend my help and energy to the activation of the Solar Disc. And, yes, I will be blogging about it.


  2. Cindy Morris Says:

    Thank you for the lovely “moving energy” exercise. So simple and effective.
    The word “bridge” has shown up quite a few times these last few days. Clearly I am one or will be around one soon.
    Wonderful info, Melanie.

  3. Kathy Kaiser Says:

    I love the concept of light and heavy energy, something to ponder in these “dark times.” And thanks for the simple but powerful exercise.

    I’ll look forward to your posts from Peru.

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      Thanks for your comment. I may be posting another hucha clearing exercise before I leave, so stay tuned.

      It is unlikely that I will be posting anything while I am gone. The trip will be packed with activity, a good deal of it “out in the field” doing ceremony. I’ll even be off the grid for a time. I will, however, be writing, to the extent that I have time. Look for posts on the trip once I’ve returned.


  4. Gail Storey Says:

    What a great exercise, and you explain it so well. Something about the primordial quality of sami and hucha speaks directly to the heart, bypassing the need for conceptual thinking that might obscure it.

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      I think you’re right. The heart understands hucha and sami. And I know, from the experience of doing some clearing, that the body knows the difference between heaviness and lightness of energy.


      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Anne Doyle Says:

    Wow! It’s so incredible to read about this now as I have been noticing (and commenting to others) that I just have this sense of heaviness. And it seems to be increasing. I must do this. Thank you, Melanie.

    All good wishes!!


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      By all means, give the practice mentioned here a try. Then go on to the newest post and try those hucha clearing practices. I think you will find a good deal of help using the seocnd practice in that posting.

      It is definitely the time, as we transition to the light age, to notice and clear our heavy energy. Your awareness is a wonderful thing.


  6. Laurel Kallenbach Says:

    Ah…the correct balance of darkness/heaviness and lightness is so essential. Many good concepts to ponder here. Thanks for offering a heaviness clearing exercise!

  7. Sammie Says:

    I went to a shamanic event recently and the shaman ( little old lady aged 84 from Peru) lighted up when she heard my name Sami. She told me that I had iluminious light and that I am the princess of the mountains.I was blown away.

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      I love it! Yes, Sami is light-filled energy and light, as opposed to heavy. That energy helps us be our best as humans and helps us connect with the divine. It is one of the two kinds of kawsay, the energy that makes up the universe. The other type of kawsay is hucha, the heavy energy that is incompatible with us as humans and which we need to clear.

      What a wonderful experience for you . . . and I’m glad you found your way to this site, too.

      Thanks for your comment.


  8. Gabi Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Wonderful and easy way to help ourselves~ with wise advice!! Not secrets 🙂 all transparent and wonderful! Thank you for help others in this way! Many blessings!

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      You’re welcome! One of the things I think you’d like about the way the Inca move through the world is that they are very transparent and willing to share information.

      I think you’ll find some other useful techniques here, too. Thanks for checking out the blog.


  9. australian shepherd info Says:

    Your method of telling all in this paragraph is truly nice, all
    can simply be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

    • Melanie Mulhall Says:

      Thank you, Australian Shepherd. Yes, it is good to be aware of sami and hucha. And clearing is both easy and very effective.

      I love the idea behind “imprints”! May you prosper with it.


  10. Says:

    Many thanks, this site is really practical

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