Delgado, Braden, and 2012

Want to start a conversation that will make some people roll their eyes and others engage with passion, one that will incite controversy and maybe even heated discussion? Just say, “2012,” and see what happens. Some believe that 2012 is the “end times,” others believe that it ushers in a new age, and still others just think it is another year on the calendar. Among those believers are those who will argue their belief, those who await 2012 with curiosity, and those who plan to have a cup of tea and take a nap when the time comes. Shamans, mystics, religious zealots, spiritual seekers, and even scientists have something to say about 2012. 

I was interested in what Gregg Braden had to say about it, so I attended a conference last May to hear him (along with Alberto Villaldo and Bruce Lipton) speak on what he considers to be a powerful moment in time. Braden isn’t just another wild-eyed purveyor of New Age gobbledygook, he’s taken the time to develop some serious spiritual muscles and he has both a scientific background and scientific mind set.           

And among the things he had to say about 2012 (in the simplest of terms and my own words) were the following:

  • 2012 represents the end of one 5125-year cycle (which is, itself, part of a larger cycle) and the beginning of another;
  • These 5125-year cycles can be further sub-divided;
  • Akin to fractals, there are repeating patterns within these cycles;
  • By knowing what the conditions were during one point in a cycle, we can predict the return of those conditions at another point within the cycle.
  • Some moments in time hold powerful opportunities to impact, by belief and intent, the outcomes impacted by these predictable conditions.
  • We are in such a moment in time right now, during the period of transition from one world age to another! 

Interestingly, Braden’s take on 2012 meshes nicely with the Incan perspective, as explained by Peruvian chacaruna Jorge Luis Delgado. In the Incan cosmology, time is broken down into one thousand-year cycles, each divided in half with one five hundred-year period being the “dark cycle” and the other being the “light cycle.” We are nearing the end of a dark cycle. When does the cycle turn? Yep, 2012. 

But what does “dark cycle” and “light cycle” mean? According to don Jorge, the dark cycle is the time of the night. During this period, we are confused. Conversely, the light cycle is a time when we are clear, when we are filled with light. And this time is a powerful time of transition from one “age” to another. This is the time of the new pachacuti, the return of the light, and a time when a new vibrational frequency is possible on Earth and both personal and group consciousness can be raised. 

Between now and December of 2012, it is important for us to remember who we are and be clear about what we believe about ourselves. Who are we? We are children of the sun. We are the sun. We are its rays. As we remember that we are children of the sun, children of the light, we will come to understand—viscerally—that what is important is inside each of us. 

Father Sun is a portal . . . and so are we. Life force energy flows from Father Sun. So, too, it flows from us—as love (munay), service (llancay), and service (yachay). 

This is a powerful time to clear heavy energy within ourselves and welcome in the light. But what do I mean by “heavy energy” and how to we clear it? That will be the subject of my next post.

Copyright 2009 by Melanie Mulhall

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9 Responses to “Delgado, Braden, and 2012”

  1. Cindy Morris Says:

    Beautiful, clear explanation, Melanie. And not fear-based, which I find refreshing.
    As I heard from a brilliant Astrologer, Alan Oken, at the Northwest Astrology conference in Seattle last year, where the hot topic was 2012,
    “Well, I just went to Mexico and bought a bunch of 2013 calendars because if they were printing them they probably did not think the world would end before that.” That about sums it up for me!

    I love to see us transitioning into the light from darkness but I cannot abide all the crazy end-of-the-world stuff. Let’s face it. If it really IS the end of the world, why worry? In fact, why worry at all? Sounds like the perfect time to have a chocolate treat and get in my hot tub with its new motor just humming away! I would most definitely be one of the musicians on the Titanic, PLAYING all the way to my certain death.



  2. Melanie Mulhall Says:


    Now that’s what I call making death your ally! Your reference to all of the “end of the world” stuff is important. If this is a time of power during which the enrgy to which we give thoughts and actions is more than usually potent, then those giving energy to the catastrophic end of an age need to be offset by those, like yourself, who refuse to worry. Even better, send them some chocolate–or love–or invite them to get straght with themselves by joining you in the hot tub.

    Thanks for your comment!




    hi i liked your blog. i love braden too! can you e mail me your next blog please?


  4. alunatunes Says:

    Hi Melanie
    What a beautiful and refreshing read concerning 2012! I’ve been thinking all along that the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT (to quote R.E.M-LOL) might not be such a bad thing! I’ve found myself more and more intrigued with the concept of ‘starting over’ as you already know.
    I believe sincerely the best is yet to come. Human energy, once harnessed and focused on the highest intentions of good will ultimately usher in an honestly new age!
    Much love and best wishes to you for 2010 and BEYOND!


  5. Melanie Mulhall Says:


    “Human energy, once harnessed and focused on the highest intentions of good will ultimately usher in an honestly new age!” Now that is a profound comment. Every word in it is important and I would love for my readers to give some attention to that one sentence.

    Thank you for your insights and wisdom.



  6. Gail Storey Says:


    I appreciate this clarification of 2012 deeply, thank you. You have a gift for articulating intuited truth. In this post and your previous ones, you reaffirm for me the wisdom of inner knowing and that nothing stands in the way of our awakening but our belief that we’re not already enlightened. Cindy’s comment and those that followed are music to my heart’s ears!


    • Melanie Mulhall Says:


      Your comments provide a good opportunity to bring up something I haven’t yet spoken of. The energy being downloaded between now and the end of 2012 is something we all need to integrate. As we do this, some will experience some off-balance moments. Delusions (about self) and fear may be a part of that. I do believe our inner knowing is key . . . and we need to understand what is the ego speaking and what is the inner knowing. I won’t address how we make that distinction right here, right now. I just want to raise the point. It may be a subject for another post.

      Thank you so much for your comments! I always smile when I see that you are at the bottom of a post.



  7. Gail Storey Says:

    Melanie, Please do address how we know what is the ego speaking and what is inner knowing, including for little dolls with pink hair. Thank you! XOX Amber


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