So what is living the dream, anyway?

Andi O’Conor has commented that living the dream is a great contemplation. I agree . . .  and we could spend the rest of our lives contemplating it and living the results!

Andi has asked how we identify what is most precious and dear to our hearts. In doing so, I think she has identified what “living the dream” means to her. It’s a pretty good definition, too.

For me, living the dream means a couple of things. Perhaps above all else, it means doing what I came to Planet Earth to do. Second, it means enjoying the journey, itself. Either of those things could be a lengthy blog post, in and of themselves. Andi has posed a couple of other thoughtful questions, too.

But for now, I would love to hear what is evoked in the readers of and participants in this blog when they hear or see the words, living the dream.


8 Responses to “So what is living the dream, anyway?”

  1. Verna Wilder Says:

    Nice blog, Melanie! For me, living the dream means doing what feels effortless, and that very “effortless” thing is what I contribute to the community of, as you say, Planet Earth. Living the dream means choosing work that isn’t work but is, in fact, what I seem to be here to do. Thanks for asking.


  2. Joe Ciaccio Says:

    Living the dream, to me is that feeling of self contentment, being happy with yourself, because you have achieved a level of integrity that brings a soft smile to your face when you think about it.

    You are on a first name basis with the Lord and have put your friends and family first in your life. I’m not sure anyone actually perfects this but the good effort /Journey may yield the same “living the dream” feeling.


  3. Linda Ann Smith Says:

    Melanie, thank you for supporting people to live their dream. I have been working on “staying present”, i.e., the Elkhart Tolle work, and it helps. For me living the dream is believing and feeling like I am making a difference in the world.



  4. J V Crum, III Says:

    Hello Melanie:

    Great Blog – as you know, totally aligned with my view that we are all here to answer a calling. When we do, and create our wealth and life based upon, magic happens. We open in new ways and connect more deeply to ourselves and others.

    Thanks for being a beam of light showing the way to the new path. I strongly support the work that you are doing. Great blog – thanks for making this one of your contributions to the world.


    J V Crum, III
    CEO/Conscious Millionaire Insititute, LLC


  5. Michelle Bos Says:

    Melanie!! SO good to hear from you and to be apart of your living dream. for me living the dream is a wonderous journey of discovery and growth, the gambit of emotions transformed into love.. all roads lead back to love.. ahhhhh where we all learn that we are connected.. to everything. There is no need to fear or regret… to limit or conquer.. just to be.. & enjoy.. yes there may be some hard times.. some struggles, challanges make us stronger and we LEARN!!! YAY!! we learn what works for us and what doesn’t.. as we finely hone our way to the limitless sky of self!


  6. antonio arguello Says:

    melanie Helena, Cody and I read your latest piece together and it sparked a long conversation about the issues you dealt with and how these issues are part and parcel to life and the legacy of being human. The piece was timely in that there was a crises, (Mini) but it helped us in that it gave us a format in which to look at the situation we were dealing with and put it in perspective. thanks.


  7. antonio arguello Says:

    Living the dream, a lovely premise. It invokes a cornacopia of thought processes. There is a continium between the stereotypical image of riches, fame, beauty and an esoterical or philosophical view of life. Am I living the dream? I dont know as I havent defined the concept adequately for myself. I do feel content in my life so maybe that is enough.


  8. Melanie Mulhall Says:


    If you feel content with your life, then my guess is that you are living your dream.

    You raise several important points. Is living the dream about money and fame? Is it more esoteric than that? I believe that we all must define it for ourselves.

    For me, living the dream is about doing what I came to Planet Earth to do–fulfilling dharma, if you will. I know I am if I am doing that by how I feel when I am living my life and by what I attract into my life.

    The dream is organic. It changes as we grow and develop.

    Thank you for your comments. This is exactly the kind of dialogue I wish for on this blog.

    Anyone else who has something to say on this is welcome to jump in, too.

    Continue to live your dream.



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