A Little Housekeeping

I want to thank all of my Boulder Media Women friends for their posts on my nascent Blog. Many of the women in this group have blogs of their own. You can track them down through www.bouldermediawomen.com.

More than one person has commented on my banner. This is the logo on my business cards and on my web site, www.thedragonheart.com. I collaborated with a great designer, Judy Gardner, on it.

Kathy Lefwich commented on the thousands of blogs out there and pointed out that they can be a form of mental masturbation (she’s quoting another BMW member here, so neither of us will take credit for that phrase). I appreciate the comment because it directly relates to why I have taken so long to get into the blogging community with my own. I want to avoid the kind of self-indulgence that, I think, is what Kathy is referring to. To do that, I encourage others to pipe up here and be heard.

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