It’s all about living the dream!

We are all living the dream. Whether your dream is a beautiful one or a nightmare is entirely up to you! But what does that mean and how do we go about living a beautiful dream, anyway? I hope to explore exactly that in this blog. Come join me!

13 Responses to “It’s all about living the dream!”

  1. Shari Phiel Says:

    Congratulations on joining the blogging community. I know how scary that first post can be, but now that you’ve done it, it will just get easier. It’s never too late to take that first step so way to go.


  2. Catherine Dold Says:

    Congratulations on launching your blog! Cathy


  3. Kathleen Christensen Says:

    Congratulations from another new blogger, also aided and abetted by Beth! Beautiful banner. And it’s a great topic, living the dream. Trying to do that here. I’m looking forward to being inspired!


  4. Kathy Leftwich Says:

    Nice first post, Melanie! It can be scary, but think about it this way: there are now (tens of?) thousands of these blogs out there, so what are the chances that someone will read yours?

    One of our colleagues in BMW called blogging a sort of mental masturbation. That can inspire or detract from the experience–it’s all up to you!

    The best inspiration is reading others’ blogs but then you’d have no other life 😉 –if you’re curious, mine is


  5. Andi O'Conor Says:

    Living the dream is a great contemplation. First, how to we find the dream? How do we identify what is most precious and dear to our hearts? Then, how do we live from that place? I find that my “dream” life, my goals and ideals for the perfect life, shift and change through time. Priorities rearrange; cherished goals fade from sight, replaced by fresher, deeper dreams. It’s a lovely journey, and one that takes continual awareness and refreshment.

    Great topic Melanie!


  6. Rosemary Carstens Says:

    Congrats, Melanie, for jumping into the pool! BTW, there are about 175,000 new blogs EVERY DAY according to technorati. So you are in plentiful and good company. Maybe this IS part of living the dream, having our say, sending our thoughts out there in hope that they connect with the thoughts of others and create a meaningful impact. Rosemary


  7. Corinne McKay Says:

    Melanie, congratulations! I could tell during the class that you had “the bug”! It doesn’t surprise me that you’re the kind of gal to go home and dive on in. This is exciting; really, what more is there to life than living the dream! I added you to my feed reader, put up another post!


  8. attentiontolife Says:


    This is looking good! You’ll get the hang of it in no time. I manage blogs for two organizations in France and two of my own…all using, so if I can be of any assistance, let me know. You’ve done the most difficult part and that is get started…congratulations!!

    Anne Doyle


  9. Gail Storey Says:

    Wow, Melanie, I’m inspired! We just had the workshop and you jumped right into blogging. Your post is inspiring too.


  10. Margaret Pevec Says:

    I agree with Andi about “living the dream” and how shifty a proposition that can be! I often envy people who’s dreams are really focused, specific, achievable; these “live your dream” aspects seem to constantly evade me. Lately it seems like hormones have a bigger impact on my dreams than anything else. Anyone care to comment?


  11. Melanie Mulhall Says:

    Margaret, you have brought up several important points and I am going to respond to just one of them, for now, because it cuts right down to a core issue.

    Your comment that hormones have a bigger impact on your dreams than anything else of late really speaks to an issue beyond hormones or midlife. It speaks to the fact that there is always something nicking at our heels, after our attention. It can be huge: a life and death issue. It can be small: a flat tire and an appointment in thirty minutes. Some of these things are ongoing and others come and go. But all of them demand our attention. So how do we explore what in the world our dreams even are, let alone pursue them, when we’re just trying to get through another day?

    I have my own ideas on this, but I would love to hear what others think.


  12. Ryan Douglas Says:

    Well, I’ve never sent a blog in my life but I figure yours is a good place to put my first one. I hope to live a dream. So spend your time being authentic and engaging in what your gut and your heart tell you to do


  13. Melanie Mulhall Says:


    You are commenting on an important point when it comes to living the dream. For those who struggle with knowing what the dream is, at any point in time, checking with your internal guidance system is probably the most important thing to do. For those who have ignored their internal guidance systems for a long time, it can be a bit difficult at first to do that. Staying in the present moment and attending to what your sensory system is telling you is a good place to start. (I talk about how to get in touch with your internal guidance system in my book, Living the Dream–A Guidebook for Job Seekers and Career Explorers.)


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