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Life is a Four-Part Harmony

April 25, 2008

One of my client-friends is confronting the issue of balance in his life at the moment. Living authentically and walking his talk is important to him. He is writing a book to help people live their dreams consciously, with purpose and with abundance, so he is sensitized to his own process.

Balance is a trickly thing for those of us focused on living our dreams. The image that comes to mind for some of you might be of someone perched on a highwire, teetering and trying to avoid falling off. Others may get the image of scales, the sides perfectly–or not so perfectly–balanced.

There is nothing wrong with either of those images, but I prefer to use the word “harmony” as many people use the word “balance.” Why? Because balance often implies portions in equal buckets (like those scales) or  the threat of crashing and burning (like falling off that highwire). Harmony suggests something quite different: a congruent and pleasing arrangement of parts.

I believe that life is a four-part harmony comprised of body, mind, spirit, and emotions and that all of these components have a being and a doing quality. My client-friend has discovered in himself a tendency to over-do, to plunge forward with activity, sometimes at the expense of his health, well-being, and . . . yes, at the expense of maintaining harmony of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. He is consciously attending to the being side of all four, as well as the doing side. In doing so, what I am witnessing from the outside is a period of amazing transformation in him.

Living the dream is about four-part harmony: attending to it, making it a priority, and being conscious about both the being and the doing sides of each one of the four components. I don’t suggest it is always easy, but the experience of harmony is delicious enough to bring you back, again and again. And, in the end, everything seems to flow easier in harmony.

What’s your experience?


So what is living the dream, anyway?

April 21, 2008

Andi O’Conor has commented that living the dream is a great contemplation. I agree . . .  and we could spend the rest of our lives contemplating it and living the results!

Andi has asked how we identify what is most precious and dear to our hearts. In doing so, I think she has identified what “living the dream” means to her. It’s a pretty good definition, too.

For me, living the dream means a couple of things. Perhaps above all else, it means doing what I came to Planet Earth to do. Second, it means enjoying the journey, itself. Either of those things could be a lengthy blog post, in and of themselves. Andi has posed a couple of other thoughtful questions, too.

But for now, I would love to hear what is evoked in the readers of and participants in this blog when they hear or see the words, living the dream.


A Little Housekeeping

April 21, 2008

I want to thank all of my Boulder Media Women friends for their posts on my nascent Blog. Many of the women in this group have blogs of their own. You can track them down through

More than one person has commented on my banner. This is the logo on my business cards and on my web site, I collaborated with a great designer, Judy Gardner, on it.

Kathy Lefwich commented on the thousands of blogs out there and pointed out that they can be a form of mental masturbation (she’s quoting another BMW member here, so neither of us will take credit for that phrase). I appreciate the comment because it directly relates to why I have taken so long to get into the blogging community with my own. I want to avoid the kind of self-indulgence that, I think, is what Kathy is referring to. To do that, I encourage others to pipe up here and be heard.

It’s all about living the dream!

April 20, 2008

We are all living the dream. Whether your dream is a beautiful one or a nightmare is entirely up to you! But what does that mean and how do we go about living a beautiful dream, anyway? I hope to explore exactly that in this blog. Come join me!